“Will you be rich? Will you find true love? Come! Come fortune seekers! Come learn your future! The bones never lie!”

A huge barrel chested man with a big black beard was barking out for the crowd in the station to hear. “The nameless one knows all! Tells all! 100 Kroners for all! Ask her anything! Who among you will dare ask the nameless one to unveil your secrets and peer into the depths of your very soul. 100 Kroners for all!”

“Whoa, Dad! We have got to check this out!” Haley said as she and Erik started walking towards the old crone seated on the floor of the station by the vending machines. There was an ancient stone vessel filled with bleached bones and broken shells between her large, misshapened feet that she was stirring with her right hand. Her left hand was bent and twisted and hung uselessly against her body. She had long stringy black hair that looked like it hadn’t been washed in months. It fell in a tangled mess past her shoulders and down her back with one long, pure white streak behind her left ear that seemed to be billowing in a breeze. She had jet black eyes set deep within their huge sockets and a unibrow that veed above the bridge of her nose. The many scars on her face made her look like she had gotten into a cat fight once and lost. The white dress that cascaded over her body in layers and layers looked like a black widows’ web. It was as if she was wearing a cloud. Haley decided right then and there that she had to be the strangest looking woman she had ever seen. At the same time she felt herself being eerily drawn to her.

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