Haley’s Heroes

Autistic Missouri student saves his teacher’s life!

This is a great example of kids being heroes and doing amazing  things:  When his teacher passed out during class from an asthma attack recently, nine year old Brendon Garmin came to her rescue. Because he had seen this once before in a movie, Brendon knew exactly what to do. He grabbed her inhaler out of her purse and helped her take her medication. It saved her life.

According to the National Autism Association, an alarming one out of every eighty eight births results in a child born with autism. It effects how kids communicate and interact socially as well as how they process information. I wonder if Brendon was ever subjected to bullying and being picked on due to his condition. One thing is certain to me, Brendon Garmin can walk in to Madonna Kenser’s class at Oak Grove Elementary school in Poplar Bluff Missouri anytime with his head held high!

Recently someone sent me another great example of kids doing amazing things. How’s this?

Cassandra Lin, then 13, of Westerly, RI, has found a way to turn used cooking grease in to biodiesel fuel.  She was cited by the UN and earned a trip to a UN conference held in Rio De Janeiro in June of 2012.  With the amount of grease that she collects through her organization TGIF, Turning Grease Into Fuel, she is able to produce 30,000 gallons of fuel per year. That’s pretty awesome! In addition, she has also then eliminated 250 tons of CO2 emissions at the same time.  For those of you who firmly believe in Global Warming, this is the type of hero we need these days.

Ever smell used cooking grease around the ole restaurant dumpster come summertime? I don’t know how she collects her grease but I’m impressed by  her shear tenacity in even working with this stuff. Kids really can do amazing things!


Good morning!  Someone just sent me another great example of kids doing really cool stuff in their communities.  Peter Coar of Jersey City, New Jersey is only nine years old but that didn’t stop him from trying to help out those who got caught up in Hurricane Sandy recently.  He decided to sell friendship bracelets to raise money for the relief effort. Good decision Peter! He just donated over three thousand dollars to the American Red Cross. Wow! Way to go, Peter!   Kids sure do amazing things, so keep these stories coming!!



Wow!!!  You have got to check out my newest Haley’s Hero.  His name is Jack Andraka from Crownsville, MD. He’s fifteen and just invented an incredibly accurate an inexpensive test to detect pancreatic cancer in its early stages. The test only takes about five minutes and can also be used to detect lung and ovarian cancer. Naturally it took him forever to find someone who would take him seriously but finally Dr. Anirban Maitra from John Hopkins School of Medicine had enough sense to listen to him.  Not only is this simple paper test strip over 90% accurate it only costs three cents.  Three cents!! Pretty amazing, Jack. If we would only imagine what kids can do!


Meet Haley’s newest Hero!