Hidden Thunder CoverHaley Lynne Johnson is not your ordinary teenage girl. Instead of texting her friends or playing video games, Haley dreams of far off places and slaying dragons. Haley wishes that she could travel and see the world and have grand adventures miles away from St. Cloud, Minnesota. She should be careful of what she wishes for because Haley is about to have the adventure of her life!

When she learns that her grandfather is about to retire from his job, Haley can’t wait to return to Sweden. She remembers what a great trip she had there the last time. She returns to the town of Trollhatten, meets her two cousins again, and gets to spend time with her family listening to her grandfather’s old stories. What she doesn’t know is that sometimes these old stories are true! Will she ever get her father to believe them, though?

Who does she meet? Why is he in Sweden? Come with Haley as she learns for herself why people often told tales of things that are old, powerful, and best kept hidden. Maybe there really are such things as gnomes, cave trolls, and dwarves that made magic weapons in days of yore. Haley has a lot of spunk for a kid but does she have enough courage to save her family when what she really needs is the greatest weapon of all time? She better, because for her and her family, time is running out.


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