Kids are being literally bombarded these days with books and movies containing graphic sex and violence. Why is it that The Walking Dead is the number one TV show in America now? What is the allure for movies such as Hostel, Saw, or Captivity? I wonder how and when watching someone get decapitated or being cut into pieces became so popular.

I decided to write Hidden Thunder, the first in a series of books about history and mythology and other heroes for kids so that they could have a choice. How can they make choices if there aren't any alternatives to choose from? I grew up watching Leave it to Beaver, I dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. I realize it's not 1965 anymore but don't we as parents still have some responsibility to help our kids make better choices? I just watched the movie Pleasantville again the other day. Gee, that movie is swell. :)

I don't see things only in terms of black and white, there are shades of gray; I guess there's about 50 of them... I believe that we should just dial down the gore and such for kids . Whether movies were rated R or X for example was because we didn't want our children to watch them. It was beyond their maturity level and inappropriate. Is it censorship then or just common sense to limit their exposure to some of this stuff? It really does affect them.

I want kids to learn more about history, mythology, and geography. Besides being introduced to the old myths about Thor, Loki, Odin, Apollo, Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Aphrodite, etc., readers will be able to mentally travel to new places. As the main character, Haley Lynne Johnson will have a series of adventures in different countries and cultures. Each book will also have a more wholesome underlying theme about things such as courage, fidelity, overcoming apathy, trustworthiness, friendship and love. Remember faith, hope, and charity? I do. Haven't they had enough of the seven deadly sins lately?

Thanks for letting me stand on my soapbox. I just believe that kids should have the choice to read books that are not only interesting and entertaining but also educational. Benjamin Franklin once said that if you're bored the best remedy was to learn something new!

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Kevin Hickey is a former substitute teacher and stay-at-home-dad who writes good books young adults can really enjoy reading. His almost lifelong love of history and mythology, especially Greek and Norse history and mythology, has helped him create his great novel for young adults entitled Hidden Thunder. Kevin wants us to imagine what kids can do.

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In "Hidden Thunder", author Kevin Hickey describes how a great teenager books a flight with her parents to Sweden and has an exciting adventure with Thor, Loki, and trolls. Her name is Haley an she helps kids care about themselves and important things such as bullying and standing up for yourself.

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Here you can download a sample from 'Hidden Thunder". Discover how author Kevin Hickey seamlessly blends traditional human values found in mythological stories with modern day concerns such as bullying, caring for others and standing up for yourself.

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“Hidden Thunder has many unpredictable twists and turns. The reader will be richly rewarded with vivid insights into nature, sports, and the inner world of an endearing family.” - Lynn Ayres, Language Arts teacher